It’s been days now that I am home, back to our beautiful country, the Philippines to spend my annual vacation.  I feel like I am a superhero, redeeming my powers and strength from the home planet. Maybe this is why we OFWs are called the modern-day heroes. I hope every OFW agrees with me and felt the same way.


After the cramming when packing luggage, last-minute shopping for things we wanted to bring to our loved ones, it is just rewarding to be back home, again.


Philippines is our comfort zone (literally). Let me count the ways why. While  we stay in the country for only a month or so, we can speak using our native tongue all the time (walang nosebleed), we can eat whatever kind of foods our palette would like to taste (order those lechon, crispy pata, chicharon, lahat ng putok batok  at ma-cholesterol), we can drink anything (kasama na dito inuming nakakalasing 😊.. hanggang malunod ka), we can visit our favorite places and favorite tambayan and most importantly we can be with our family, relatives and friends (unlimited  and face to face chats. As a saying goes, there is no place like home, indeed.


The other annoying experiences, such as long queues wherever you go, will be on another post. Let me not spoil the superhero feeling.


We come home for the much-needed rest and to be with our family. But we all know, vacations are not all scopes of ice cream. There are tasks that we need to attend to. If you are coming home anytime soon, add these to your tasks to attend to.


Visit the bank.


If you or your dependent (of legal age) has no bank account yet, open one for you and your dependent.


If your existing bank account has not been enrolled in online banking, this is faster and easier done if you go to the bank personally. This way, you can use online banking to track your transactions, such as remittances, transfers, deposits and withdrawals.


If you have not received your new ATM with the latest security features, this is the best time to claim it.


If you are still keeping those passbooks, have them updated.


With all the news we saw on TVs about banks accounts being hacked, a visit to the bank and keeping our records updated and active would help us discover any discrepancy or maybe deter a would-be online thief. No matter how small or big the amount in those accounts; they are hard-earned OFW money.


While at the bank, might as well inquire on investment opportunities such as UITFs, flexi-funds, mutual funds or even open a portfolio account for online stock trading.


Update SSS Contribution.


If you’re one of those OFWs who did not continue paying the contribution in SSS, like me, maybe it is about time to consider continuing to pay our contributions. After all, we would all someday retire and the pension could be a source of fund to tide us over.


For those, who have continued their payments, visit SSS to validate if SSS payments were credited.


Get updated also with the latest rules and rate of contributions to maximize return of your contributions.


Ensure mortgage payments are credited.


Most of us bought houses through mortgage. Allot time to validate with your bank or Pag-IBIG that payments have been received.  This is to ensure that we are paying our dues on time to avoid complications later on.


Request for Personal Documents


By personal documents, we mean the birth certificates, marriage certificates, transcript of records, diplomas and the likes.


Keep the authenticated documents such as birth certificates (of the whole family). These are the common requirements for new employment and migration.


Because we should be ready at all times. We don’t know when the opportunities would knock.


Look for possible investments.


Aside from those possible investments thru the bank, look into other investment opportunities such as real estate, crowd funding for farmers (but be wary of scams), or even startup businesses with people you trust.


Pay real property tax


We own a property so we pay the corresponding tax. This is what a responsible citizen does. It is also a form of security that the property belongs to you. (Although, we hope that you wouldn’t have to prove it by showing your tax receipts). Paying the tax on time saves you from penalty and additional charges later.


Fix the house.


Make our home livable. Do a maintenance check or general cleaning. Do interior designing. Little repairs that we do now will save us money later. Also, if we decide to sell the house when we move to a better neighborhood and bigger house, a house that is well-maintained will command a better price as well.


I know, it is supposed to be a vacation and rest.


We wish our kabayan who goes on vacation with Maligayang Pagwawaldas. Let us make a turn around here by making our vacations not only as spending spree time.  Let us be productive as well. What a better way to be productive than to look into those tasks that have financial impacts on us. After all, we are away to fill our coffers. Let us also patch those holes in our coffers when we are home.


What about you? What is your one activity during annual vacation that is about patching the holes in the coffer?

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