I always look forward to weekends (Sino nga ba ang hindi? Lalong-lalo na mga estudyante, eto paboritong araw.).


Weekend is a is a much-awaited day for working people like us, OFWs and whose day-off falls on these days 🙂 . This is the time to rest our weary mind and body, to replenish with positive energy and stoke our creativity.


Most of all, weekend is the best time to explore places and collect fond memories.


There are several tourist attractions inside Riyadh that we can enjoy without spending too much (PS; check our article about How to Have an Awesome Weekend without Spending Too Much and 7 Reason I Enjoyed my Trek to the Edge of the World).


This weekend getaway has long overdue as winter is almost over, when my husband and I finally pushed with our schedule.


Last Friday, we ended the season with a bang by visiting the one of the most popular outdoor destinations-the Red Sands.


Red Sand is well-known area of red desert sand dunes in northeastern Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is surrounded by tall mountains terrains.


Coordinates/Address: 24°21’57.2″N 46°22’14.0″E


Though we have visited the place several times, we are still pleased by the beauty of the outskirt of Riyadh on the way.


The plateau in the area is always a picture perfect (in the old times) or Instagram-worthy moment (in today’s parlance).



Every time we passed the large escarpments, we are always in awe on how the road and bridges were built in this part of the country hoping that someday, Philippines will also build more of these kinds in our own rural areas. It would have huge impact on our economy in terms of facilitating the exchanges and transportations of goods and services especially among the locals.



It is just magnificent how God created the earth. We are simply amazed of the beauty of nature, green or desert, that is.


But nature lover or not, there are things that you can do at the Red Sands:


  • Go for a picnic; bring your favorite foods like adobo and rice or finger foods.
  • Good place to gather with friends, with or without food.
  • Savor the moment, take photos. Collect memories and experience the sand dunes.
  • Ride an ATV and test your driving skill in different terrains. ATV rental fee is from 30SAR up to 100SAR. This depends on the season (peak or off-peak season). If its peak, season expect that the fee is a little bit higher.
  • Watch and be amazed at the locals/drivers driving 4×4 vehicle in the sand dunes. Some are doing vehicle tricks.
  • Use it a backdrop for pre-nup photos. If you’re planning to get married soon and your fiancé is also around, the place is perfect for photo shoot location. It is huge and free, you just need to bring your photographer with you or friends to assist you.


For us, our main goal during our visit was to collect sand dunes to serve as souvenir and ride an ATV which we did.






Personally, I have enjoyed Red Sands, particularly riding the ATV while roaming the area. It was as if I am la lady Indiana Jones or Lara Croft in the desert. I tried to reach the other side of the sand dunes but I failed this time because of the sand storm.



We had an opportunity to take photos riding a cool 4×4 vehicle and meet the locals.



Reminder: The best time to go there is during cold weather to avoid the scorching heat of the sun and not so friendly scorpions or desert snakes who really love summer.


Cap The Day with Beef Mami


After our adventure in the sand dunes, my husband and I decided to have our first meal at the Taster’s House in Suleimaniyah, Riyadh near Prince Sultan Military Medical City. Yeah, it’s far from the Red Sand. He introduced to me his favorite breakfast, the Beef Mami.



The presentation of the mami is very appetizing while the taste is very savory. I did enjoy the food and it made me happy and full.


The experience is the best gift that we can give to ourselves, actually we owe it ourselves. Life is too short. We work so hard plus the fact that we are away from our family. So, if you have a chance to visit a place or a colleague invited you to go with them and visit places, if your schedule permits, grab the opportunity.


It is going to be fun and memorable.


Enjoy ka-OFW, you deserve to be pleased every now and then. Remember that your stay in your host country is temporary. Might as well get to know the place like the back of your hand and create wonderful memories.



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