One Year of Blogging: What has it Done to Me

This April is celebrating its first year anniversary. I am proud, and I am sure that Gina and Yvette too, that we were able to sustain it. We were able to come up with a total of 54 blogs in a span of one year. Yeah, I know it’s not the number of articles published but the difference each made to its readers. But we are getting there. Every blogger has to start somewhere. was a dream. I have thought about it, but I honestly don’t know where and how to start. But Yvette and Gina know. With their collaboration, it has become a reality. After we got started, comes my doubt that we would not be able to come up with enough articles to last a year considering that we are all busy with our own works. But we did. And we hope that we continue to do so.


The noble idea is to reach out to our fellow OFWs by sharing our thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and experiences, thru our articles, to make our work away from home more bearable and worthwhile, share knowledge, to encourage and to inspire. Whether or not we have dented on our mission, we can only hope that we are and that we would continue to do so.


The power of technology that makes us reach as far as Zimbabwe and Brazil is an added motivation to go on.


What has blogging done to me personally?


Blogging makes me feel that I am abreast with the changing time. I am not a techie, but blogging forces me to somehow learn things that I would not bother to know if I am not into this such as site optimization, permalink, meta descriptions, and the likes.


I would not have opened a Twitter account. I am not really into sharing so much on Facebook, but I had to share our articles and do things, the millennial ways.


I got to do what I like to do-writing. I branched out from doing my everyday journal to blogging except that this goes with discomfort. I could have slept on weekends rather than writing or editing the next post. But I am up and about, fidgeting about the next blog.


But I embrace discomfort and bank on the idea that we only improve when we leave our comfort zone.


Part of blogging is sharing tidbits of information about yourself and your experiences. (Like what I am doing right now, sharing with you, what I thought about blogging has done to me personally). For an introvert like me (since when?), this is not easy.


I am still shy to tell my friends about it. My carpool mates didn’t even know I am into this.


I made it my goal to tell one person a month about it, but even that one is a struggle for me.


When I meet again the person I have interviewed for an article, I shrunk when he gave me a compliment for the work I did.


If I am to write about the places that I went to, the food that I eat, I have to really immerse myself with the place and with the environment and savor the experience. Because of that, I became more deliberate in how I do things. Maybe one day I would have to write about the experience.


I improve my skill. I didn’t think I could come up with an article for 30 minutes. But like any skill, the more you do it, the more you become better at it. I am not saying I am good at it now because I know that my works still have much to be desired, but am loving it and doing things to make it even better.


Since I am into this, I am also into reading articles about blogging and currently enrolled in Udemy for writing courses. I look forward to learning more.


I got to meet people and improve my network. It is good to know that there are people who are willing to help you when you approach them for the article you are working on. Some of them became friends and are readily available when help is needed.


It reinforces a habit in me to honor a commitment, not only to the one in charge of posting but to myself. If there is something expected of me, regardless of the workload in the office, I had to come up with the article if it is my turn. This goes to all the other things that I said yes, too.


I see this as a transition from OFW to entrepreneur. Businesses now have websites. I hope that when I finally tapped into my entrepreneurial ability and launch those business plans I have from my files, I have at least the experience and little know-how.


Financially, nothing to speak of. Since google ads sent the verification code in my home in the Philippines, and no one is really home, none of those earnings have gone to the bank account, thus, we have not cashed on those ads you see in the blog.


Thank you for those who read our articles at


Thank you for those who visited the site.


Thank you for all the support.

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